Bringing the Hospitality Industry to a New Level of Service

We Make Extraordinary

As an employee of The Howard Hughes Corporation, Hospitality Division, you are dedicating yourself to building deep and lasting relationships with our guests by providing superior, personalized service every step of the way. We are not order takers as our jobs depend on our guests and their satisfaction. It is not only our physical properties that create a warm and friendly atmosphere; it is also how we treat each and every guest in every contact we have with them. Your gracious welcome, the sincerity of your smile and your enthusiastic greeting will make the difference and win guest loyalty.

As indicated in our Mission Statement, we are here to provide gracious guest service and extraordinary experiences. Following these five simple corporate values we foster mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with our guests and co-workers:

Imaginative Thinking

When children start hearing words like ‘don’t’ and ‘can’t,’ they start seeing and hearing rules, and as a result, boundaries and limits are placed around their once limitless imaginations. At Howard Hughes, we value imagination, period. By simply removing no from our vocabulary and culture, everyone who works in our company is empowered to Think Big, maximize their creativity and produce world class innovation. For us, there are no limits.


Collaboration is about mutual trust. A trust based on chemistry, competence, character, interdependence, honesty and integrity that we build daily with our guests and co-workers. We work together in good faith, as individuals and teams, to achieve a shared vision of always exceeding our guests’ expectations. It’s about accountability, cooperation and transparency. We share in the risks... and the rewards.

Passion for Excellence

We are a passionate bunch and love what we do. We are especially passionate about making sure everything that we do is thoughtfully approached to develop the best experiences for our guests. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, demanding greatness in every respect. It’s about doing whatever it takes – all the time. It’s about going further than others are prepared to go.

Staying the Course

Anything really worth doing, whether in life or in business, requires persistence and perseverance. Staying the course means having the necessary foresight and courage to stick to your plan. Our commitment to following our plan remains steadfast in the face of criticism and obstacles, differentiating us from the crowd of competitors.


It is critical that we have a strong sense of who we are, both as a company and in our customer service efforts. This sense of self allows us to be authentic and true to ourselves, our guests, our communities and our team members.